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There are many different routes into our health and care organisations. If you are practical and work-driven, yet love to learn, an apprenticeship could be right for you!

Did You Know?

An apprenticeship in health or care will provide you with at least 12 months of paid work experience in the industry, and up to four years for a degree apprenticeship. The programmes will help grow your confidence in a professional environment, learn how to communicate work and learn from experienced colleagues and you will receive a well-earned qualification at the end.

Career pathways with apprenticeships

By choosing an apprenticeship within the health or care sectors you’re not just choosing a job but choosing your career. There are so many occupations to choose from and there is nothing to stop you changing direction from a non-clinical role into a clinical role, or vice versa. Hover over the images to see some example career pathways supported all the way by apprenticeships:

Estates & Facilities

Painter and Decorator


Hospitality Team Member

Carpentry and Joinery

Nursing & Midwifery

Dental Nurse

Registered Nurse

Nursing Associate


IT & Finance

IT Solutions Technician

Cyber Security Technician

Accounts/ Finance Assistant

Digital & Technology Solutions

Healthcare Science & Pharmacy

Pharmacy Services Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

Laboratory Technician

Healthcare Science Associate

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Levels of Qualification / Educational Route

Apprenticeship Myth Busting

Myth Buster: There is no upper age limit for apprenticeship training. We have apprentices ranging from age 17 to 60 currently completing apprenticeship programmes across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Anyone aged 16 and over can enrol onto an apprenticeship.

Pay scales for apprenticeships vary, however as a rule pay rates cannot fall below the National Apprenticeship Salary for the first 12 months, and the National Minimum Wage category for your age thereafter. Some of our organisations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will pay more.

If you are already employed by the Trust and start an apprenticeship programme, there will be no changes to your contract or salary.

Myth Buster: Apprenticeships are a vocational way to train and are completed alongside your current job role.  Your employer must give you at least 20% of your time to complete off-the-job learning*. So, no need to take career breaks or leave employment to train. Apprenticeships are also fully funded so will not cost you a penny!

*The higher the level of qualification, the more likely that you will need to complete some academic work in your own time.

Myth Buster: This is no longer the case, and hasn’t been for a while. There is a wide breadth of apprenticeship training available across all sectors of our health and care workforce e.g. Finance, I.T, Business Administration, Customer Service, Management, Dental, Health Care Assistant’s, Nursing, Radiography , Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to name a few! New apprenticeship standards are in development all the time.

Myth Buster: There are numerous apprenticeship pathways available which lead to degree level roles. Apprenticeships can be just as valuable and open up as many opportunities as a degree (being on-the-job provides you with unrivalled networking opportunities). Apprenticeships are available from Level 2 (GCSE) up to Level 7 (Master’s Degree).  There are 24 different types of apprenticeships are currently offered in health and care across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Myth Buster: Absolutely not! Apprenticeships can be just as challenging and rewarding as traditional GCSE, A-Level and Degree study programmes. We currently have over 150 apprentices undertaking apprenticeship training from Level 2 (GCSE) right up to Level 7 (Master Degree) level.

Myth Buster: There are clear progression routes for apprentices to enable you to attain degrees through the apprenticeship programme.

Myth Buster: A majority of our apprentices are staff who are already employed in our health and care organisations. They are making the most of funded apprenticeship training to upskill, pursue promotion or a change of career within their organisation.

Myth Buster: Apprentices follow clear training criteria and competencies which involves key tasks and play an important role within their teams. Many clinical apprentices are eligible for professional registration upon completion, demonstrating they meet a high-level of skill and standard. Apprentices start effectively contributing to their job role from day one.

Myth Buster: The new Apprenticeship Standards launched in 2017 have been designed to improve the quality of apprenticeships and many include professional qualifications e.g. We have 55 staff who are currently undertaking a Masters Level Degree apprenticeship in Business Administration with Henley Business School.

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