NHS Reservists

What is a Reservist?

The NHS Reserve is a team of trained, paid worked that the NHS can call on in times of need. There’s a wide range of paid Reservist roles on offer, both clinical and non-clinical, matched to your experience and flexible to your availability. Time commitment is planned and scheduled to suit you.

Who can be a Reservist?

You might be a former health professional or hoping to work in healthcare in the future. Or you may have no health experience at all. Whatever your background, we can offer the right level of training and support to help you make a difference to your local health service.

What makes being a Reservist so rewarding?

You can make a real difference in your local community- and get paid for it.
You can brush up existing skills and learn new ones.
You can work flexibly around your other commitments.
You will gain useful experience that can help your future plans.
You will enjoy working as part of a team to help people.

We are the NHS reserves


Did you know?

Volunteering work
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supporting statements
for job applications.

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