What is Administrative Services?

  • Myth … I thought being a doctor or a nurse were the only roles in health and care   

No there are over 350 roles in health and care. There are many other roles such as administrative services.   


Administrators and customer service practitioners have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors.  Health and Care services need to be well-organised and administration is a big part of this. All roles need to utilise skills in time management, organisation and communication.  

Administrative staff provide support to clinical and non-clinical staff. Throughout Health and Care, being well-organised and keeping detailed records of patients and staff is essential. Patients and other organisations need to be able to contact, to see or speak to the right person who can give them the help they need. That could be booking an appointment, getting advice, or paying an invoice. 

There are many different roles and opportunities in administration services and roles can be patient facing (a lot of contact with patients), such as ward clerksreceptionists, medical secretaries or non-patient facing, such as call centre/switchboard staff, secretaries, communications, medical records human resources, information management & technology and finance.