What is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is an expert in the science and safety of medicines, and their appropriate use. Pharmacists play an important role in providing clinical care to patients and the public.  They are responsible for the legal, safe and efficient supply, prescribing and administration of medicines and devices, and will often supervise large teams of pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants in support of this. Pharmacists advise other healthcare professionals, such as doctors on how to select and use medications correctly, make prescribing recommendations, as well as monitoring the effects of treatments to ensure safety and effectiveness.  Recent changes to education standards set by the pharmacy regulator mean that all Pharmacists will be able to prescribe medicines to patients from their first day as a registered practitioner.


A pharmacist works in a variety of settings including in the community to hospitals. In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough you may see pharmacists in your local general practice or attached to the practice. In hospitals you may only see the outpatient pharmacy but there are often numerous pharmacies within a hospital setting.