What is a Health Care Support Worker?

Healthcare support workers (HCSWs) are an essential part of a health or social care team, providing high quality and compassionate care to individuals. A healthcare support worker also referred to as a health care assistant (HCA), are found throughout Health and Care. You could work in a Nursing Home, Acute Hospital, at a GP surgery, in the community and many more places.

As a HCSW you will work under the guidance of a healthcare professional such as a nurse. As well as working with nurses you will work with many other professionals including doctors. You will have a lot of contact with patients but your role will vary depending on where you’re based.

In a hospital you may:

  • Wash and dress patients,
  • Serve meals and help to feed patients
  • Help people to move around
  • Make beds
  • Making patients feel comfortable
  • Monitor patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight.

Within a GP Surgery or the community setting you may also:

  • Sterilise equipment,
  • Undertake health checks,
  • Assist with the restocking of consulting rooms,
  • Process lab samples,
  • Take blood samples,
  • Provide health promotion
  • Assist with health education work

The image below shows more information about being a healthcare support worker .