Carpentry and Joinery

These roles involve carrying out skilled work, primarily using timber products, either on a construction site, or in a workshop, creating and installing building components. The senior carpenter and joiner is able to undertake complex job tasks, requiring high levels of practical skills and knowledge, in addition to managing their own work and leading small teams.

Estates and Facilities

Estates and Facilities provide essential services to support the day to day running of the organisations, as well as providing services to the staff that work there.

Responsibilities and roles of the estates and facilities service can include:

  • Maintenance of grounds, building, Electrical, Mechanical and Engineering installations
  • Energy management
  • Voice telecommunications, including the Switchboard and Main Reception
  • Parking
  • Travel information
  • Business travel services
  • Domestic Services
  • Portering
  • Security
  • Postal Services
  • Laundry & linen
  • Catering
  • Waste disposal and incineration
  • Design of new works, small and large


Like any buildings, organisations (such as hospitals) in health and care need repairs and regular maintenance. As the needs of the organisation change, existing buildings need to be extended or renovated and new sites built. The fabric of the building needs to be looked after – walls, floors and windows – as well as the systems inside them – heating, power and ventilation.  All this work needs skilled staff, often from the construction sector.

Painter and decorator

Painters and decorators use a range of materials to keep walls and other surfaces smooth, protected and hygienic both inside buildings and outside. You may work on newly-constructed buildings or undertaking maintenance on existing buildings.

As a painter/painter and decorator, you could be

  • removing old or damaged paintwork or wallpaper
  • repairing surfaces to be painted such as walls, window frames, fences etc
  • plastering small areas
  • estimating how much paint or wallpaper is needed
  • preparing surfaces
  • wallpapering and painting

Linen Services

You will often find linen service staff in hospitals, they ensure areas / departments have stocks of clean uniforms and linen, such as sheets and towels etc., for patients. Having clean linen that is clean correctly is important in reducing the spread of infection to our patients.


Stores staff make sure that a range of essential supplies are delivered to the right wards, clinics and health centres. Having the correct stores available is important for the delivery of health and care in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough.

Your work in stores could include

  • processing orders
  • receiving deliveries
  • making sure stocks are stored correctly and safely
  • monitoring use of items and equipment
  • delivering goods to wards and departments
  • making sure old stocks are used before new stock (stock rotation)
  • doing stock checks