Introduction to the modules

Work through these modules answering the quick quizzes as you go through.

We would suggest that you go through all modules and explore how roles in health and care work together as a team. Plus it’s good to have an insight into all the roles available… as you might find a role that you are more suited to.

  • The minimum requirement however is to complete at least two modules and the next steps module.
  • Take notes on the roles and entry requirements.
  • Reflect on what you see and learn about the roles.
  • Explore more about the roles.

Why …

The pre-employment academy will provide you with an insight to the many roles in health and social care. This is important because:

  • On applying and interviewing for jobs in health & care or universities, the employers will want to know why you’re applying for the job rather than another role.
  • It shows that you have completed research
  • Provides you an understanding into the job you are applying for and other roles of people you ma work with in health and care.
  • Your commitment to explore makes you stand out from someone who hasn’t done any research.

At the beginning of each module

Take time at the beginning of each module to write down three questions or things you expect to find out on completing the module. At the end of each module reflect on these questions.

  • Have these been answered?
  • Do you need to do some additional research?
  • Do you need to explore the Cambridge and Peterborough organisation / college / university websites?