Areas within medicine

With over 60 specialities here are some examples of the career areas within medicine in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough:  


Emergency Medicine




General Practice 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Stroke Medicine 



Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery 


Care of the elderly 

Working in …. 

  • Surgery: caring for patients before, during and after an operation, in this role you would work in different locations such as clinics, wards, and theatres.   
  • Anaesthetics: mainly theatre or intensive care-based giving anaesthetics for surgery and medical procedures. An anaesthetist can work as pain of a group of professionals sorely looking at patient’s pain and how best to treat it.  Usually for patients still in the community.  
  • Medicine: treating general medical conditions and working in specialisms like cardiology (heart), dermatology (skin), ophthalmology (eyes), Department of Medicine for the Elderly (DME) and neurology (brain) 
  • Paediatrics: managing health conditions that affect babies, children and young people
  • Pathology: investigating the cause of disease and the effect on patients 
  • Psychiatry: working with patients experiencing mental health problems like depression, anxiety, personality disorders and addiction 
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology: caring for women and their unborn children 
  • Oncology: treating patients with cancer 
  • General Practitioner (GP): often the first point of contact for the person accessing health and care. They are required to know the basics about lots of different areas of medicine and how to treat the problem.  They are also responsible for referring the patient to hospital when specialist treatment is required.  They are usually found in GP surgeries in the community and oversee the care of people in residential and nursing homes.