Advantages and Benefits

Shift work:

Nurses, Midwifes, HCSW and MSW work a multitude of shift patterns. This can be anything within a 24 hour period, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For those of you that have children or care needs some employers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough offer flexible working patterns.

Where you can work:

There are many places that you could work including in the community, wards, care homes, hospice, training hubs, in peoples home and so much more.

Career Opportunities:

In your role there are 100’s of opportunities such as specialising in a field (for example; tissue viability, oncology, health visitor, elderly care, mental health), career development and progression both managerially and clinically. You never stop learning.

Annual Leave:  

And don’t forget if you are working in the NHS you get an annual leave entitlement, which increases with over 5 years and 10 years working with us.

Did you know?

After completing your nursing degree there is a 94% employability rate. This means that you will almost certainly find a job.